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Who We Are

Big Bay Academy


Big Bay Academy was established and registered with the Western Cape Education Department in 2014 to offer an alternative schooling concept to learners who wish to learn differently. The Academy does not only commit itself to prepare learners for life after school, we also endeavour to find each learner’s mojo, to explore & discover what each young mind under our watch has to offer, and in so doing let the individual’s personality, creativity & imagination guide them to reach their full potential. We believe education should not be about moulding children the way you want them, but rather supporting their natural longing to know and to question. We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we encourage our learners to acquire the necessary skills which will enable them to adjust their sails optimally, to reach their destinations safely regardless of unexpected storms one might come across in unchartered waters.

Stress Free Environment

Standing out


We provide an atmosphere that cultivates a positive approach to learning, promote non- competitive advancement, encourage self-discipline, & endeavour to build self-esteem, with an undoubted belief that all students have the capacity and ability to gain knowledge & skills, and to enjoy learning during this process. We believe we must find alternative methods and/or techniques to prepare young people to be successful, if a learner cannot learn the way we teach, we must find an innovative way to teach the way they can learn. We are not only committed to offer our mainstream, and learners who learn differently a unique & exclusive educational product, we also pride ourselves to do what it takes to make a difference.

The rational of learning and teaching at Big Bay Academy revolves around continuous, transparent and honest engagement between learner, parent and educator. Mutual trust is therefore vitally important, one only has control of one’s own trustworthiness, the four pillars of trustworthiness are openness, competence, integrity and compassion.

Highly Qualified & Aptly Experienced Sace Registered Educators

Our Mission & Goal


Our mission is to provide opportunities and an alternative learning environment to learners who do not feel comfortable in mainstream schooling. Our goal is to prepare our students to enter the world with analytical and methodical skills which will empower them to be inquisitive, bold, and inspired in realizing their ambitions.

Quality, personalized, and individual attention in small groups, allowing each individual to develop & progress within a stress-free environment, are premeditated elements of the learning process we endorse. We recognise & appreciate that individuals have unique innate abilities and talents, but these qualities have to be developed independently to enable them to contribute to society, and hopefully one day enjoy a fulfilling career. Our beliefs are that a classroom environment with 20 or more peers just cannot & will not yield satisfactory results for learners who learn differently.

We Prepare Children How To Learn, Not How To Take A Test



Our thinking is deeply rooted in the warmth of communication, effective and sincere collaboration not only bear positive results, it develops skills to attain knowledge through enhancing one’s self-confidence to the level whereby our learners become self-driven based on curiosity, creativity & own initiative. We listen, process what we hear in a constructive manner, then teach.

We believe an individual is only motivated to learn by engaging their minds and their hearts, the one without the other will have temporary and empty results. This form of learning is furthermore only possible within a progressive, friendly, and welcoming environment where learners are taught according to their individual needs, reinforced by unconditional support from their educators and the academy per se.